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Marriage Annulment Ohio

Under special circumstances, when a person wants to end a marriage soon after the ceremony, he or she may consider filing for an annulment in Ohio instead of a divorce or dissolution of marriage. In the state of Ohio, annulment details a complete deletion of a marriage, as if the marriage was never considered to have happened.

Going through a legal separation of marriage can be difficult to maneuver, as several consequences of the case could last a lifetime. Emotionally and practically, there is a lot of weight behind a court’s decision in the matter. Filing for an annulment or divorce can be a monumental decision in one’s life.

With the help of an experienced family law attorney, someone facing the uphill battle of a legal separation can be saved a lifetime’s worth of stress and legal ramifications.

Attorney for Annulments in Columbus, Ohio

If you or a loved one are considering an annulment, you’re probably looking for the best annulment attorney in Ohio to make sure you file the right paperwork in a way that will give you the best opportunity for a successful outcome. And if the case goes to trial (ex. a voidable marriage), you’ll want an experienced annulment lawyer in Ohio to properly represent you in Ohio’s court of common pleas. Not sure if you want an annulment or divorce? Our experienced divorce lawyers near you can answer your questions about the pros and cons of an annulment versus a divorce.

The lawyers at Joslyn Law Firm have represented plenty of people who have never undergone any sort of court proceedings and now are faced with an annulment or a divorce. These can be very difficult and confusing times; do not let yourself be misrepresented.

The consequences of a family law case can last a lifetime. If you need an experienced family law attorney around the Columbus area or in any one of these following counties: Franklin County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Pickaway County, or Licking County; contact Joslyn Law Firm for legal advice today.

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Overview for Annulment in Ohio

Annulment in Place of Divorce in Ohio

What is annulment in Ohio? The most common definition of a marriage annulment is that the marriage has been entirely voided; meaning the court has found the marriage invalid in some manner. Thus, an annulled marriage is treated as never existing. A divorce means the court and the state of Ohio recognize the legal marriage, and now sanctions the legal termination of that marriage.

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How to Get an Annulment in Ohio

Having a marriage annulled can simplify the process of disunity, but can only be finalized under certain circumstances.

Here are the only ways a marriage can be annulled in the State of Ohio:

  • The party seeking annulment was under the age of legal marriage established by section 3101.01, and after attaining such age did not cohabitate with other as husband or wife;
  • Either party had, at the time of marriage, a legal, living husband or wife;
  • Either party had been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent, and after being restored to competent mentally faculties did not cohabitate with other as husband or wife;
  • The consent of either party was obtained fraudulently without full knowledge at any time while living as cohabitants;
  • The consent of marriage was obtained by force, unless such party afterwards cohabited as husband or wife;
  • The marriage was never consummated between the parties.

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How Long Do I Have to File for an Annulment in Ohio?

To obtain a decree to annul a marriage, often the person that wishes to start the process must file the petition within a certain time frame. For some of the particular circumstances that may lead to an annulment in the state of Ohio, the lawsuit must be filed within a two-year period from the date of the marriage or cognizance from the aggrieved party. For example, if someone has been forced into a marriage, he or she has to file the petition to annul the marriage before two years have passed.

In addition, if someone has found out about a partner’s prior marriage that had never been legally disbanded, and wishes to seek an annulment, the party who wants the annulment must do so before their current spouse dies.

Attempting to annul a marriage can be difficult without an experienced attorney. These can still be grounds for divorce, but if someone wants to have a marriage voided completely by the state, it is imperative to act in a quick and decisive manner.

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Additional Resources

Ohio Revised Code | 3105.31 – LAWriter, the official website for Ohio’s Law and Rules, details the state’s codes for the public. Learn more about divorce and annulment and when an annulment may be allowed by the court of common pleas.

Find an Annulment Lawyer in Franklin County, Ohio

A separation of marriage is not an easy process for most. It can change a person’s life entirely, limiting time to spend with one’s children, and dictating how one spends his or hers finances.

If you want an experienced family law attorney with years of experience in divorce and annulment suits, call Joslyn Law Firm. If you or a loved one are seeking or annulment or have been blindsided by an annulment case in the Columbus, Ohio Area contact Joslyn Law Firm today.

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