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Whether you are dealing with child custody, adoption, or divorce, issues pertaining to the family can easily become controversial making a cooperative resolution hard to obtain.

Due to the personal nature of relationships, family law cases can often times be stressful for all parties involved and trying to handle a family law issue on your own can be stressful and time-consuming. If you are planning to take the issue to court, having the proper legal counsel from an experience family law attorney in Columbus can make all the difference.

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If you are involved in or seeking legal advice for a family law issue, it would be in your best interest to contact Joslyn Law Firm today so you can rest assured knowing you have experienced legal counsel on your side.

Attorneys with Joslyn Law Firm have extensive knowledge of family law cases in Ohio and will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. We serve counties that include Union, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, and Franklin. Call us today or submit your information in our online form and one of our attorneys will review your case for free.

Overview of Family Law in Ohio

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Columbus OH family lawyer near you

Common Family Law Cases in OH

Family law encompasses many possible issues and Joslyn Law Firm handles a wide range of such cases. Some of the most common types of family law cases can include, but are not limited to:

    • Marriage Dissolution
    • Paternity and Child Custody
    • Name Changes
    • Guardianship
    • Domestic Violence
    • Adoption and Termination of Paternal Rights
    • Juvenile Matters
    • Emancipation and Approval of Underage Marriages
    • Property Agreement and Division

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Ohio Family Law Definitions

Title [31] XXXI Domestic Relations-Children of the Ohio Revised Code contains 14 chapters that cover family law issues such as marriage, domestic violence, child support, and adoption.

The majority of these chapters contain definitions of frequently used terms and phrases that relate to family law cases. Some of the most notable definitions in this title include:

    • Collaborative Family Lawyer, O.R.C 3105.41 (D)– A lawyer who represents a party in a collaborative family law process but does not include a lawyer who is a public official and who does not represent individuals other than public officials in their official capacities.
    • Law Firm, R.C 3105.41 (G) – An association of lawyers who practice law together in a partnership, professional, corporation, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or other association.
    • Person, O.R.C 1337.22 (F) – An individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, public corporation, government or governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, or any other legal commercial entities
    • Adoption Parent, O.R.C 3107.45 (C) – A person who adopted an adopted person.
    • Primary Prevention Strategies, O.R.C 3109.13 (B) – Activities and services that are provided to the public designed to prevent or reduce the prevalence of child abuse and child neglect before signs of abuse or neglect can be observed.
    • Parental Rights, O.R.C 3109.50 (A) – Parental rights and responsibilities, parenting time or any other similar right established by the laws of this state with respect to a child. Does not include the parental duty of support for a child.
    • Child, O.R.C 3109.51 (A) – A person under eighteen years of age.
    • Custodian, O.R.C 3109.51 (B) – An individual with legal custody of a child.
    • Insurer, O.R.C 3119.01 (6)- Any person authorized under Title XXIX of the Revised Code to engage in the business of insurance in this state, any health insuring corporation, and any legal entity that is self-insured and provides benefits to is employees or members
    • Court, O.R.C 3127.01 (6)- An entity authorized under the law of a state to establish, enforce, or modify a child custody determination.

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law firm in Columbus Ohio for child custody issues

Child Custody in Ohio

Deciding who will have custody of the children is often times the hardest part of a divorce. The courts will be left to decide the allocation of custody if the parents cannot agree.

In Ohio, there are numerous custody arrangements that cater to the needs of both parents and the children. Some of the most common arrangements include:

    • Joint Custody: This is the most popular custody arrangement in Ohio for it allows for both parents to share responsibilities and rights of the children. Oftentimes, the courts will try and allow the children time with both parents.
    • Sole Custody: This arrangement allows for one parent to have complete custody of the children. This parent is responsible for all the decisions regarding the child’s care and welfare.
    • Legal Custody: This arrangement falls into two categories: sole legal custodian and joint legal. Sole legal custody grants the parent power to make all decisions regarding issues like school, religion and medical care while joint legal custody allows both parents to make such decisions.

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Divorce rates in America are high, and while they may be common, the process can be tricky. There are a number of important factors to keep in mind such as child custody, property division and who will pay child support.

In Ohio, there are three ways to dissolve a legal marriage, and each of them involves their own set of circumstances and factors. Listed below are three type of divorce in Ohio.

  • Divorce: This process is done when neither spouse can agree on issues regarding the divorce. Some of these issues include child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. Only one spouse has to file for divorce.
  • Dissolution: This type of divorce is considered a no-fault divorce and is usually more cost-effective. Dissolution is done when both spouses fully agree on the issues involving the divorce.
  • Legal Separation: This form of divorce is not too common. It allows for spouses to remain legally married but live apart. This type of divorce is helpful when spouses are working through personal issues.

It may be tempting to go through the divorce process without legal counsel to avoid legal cost, but oversight issues like property division and child support can lead to more costly litigation if not done properly.

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Family Law Resources in Ohio

Title [31] XXXI Domestic Relations – Children | Ohio Revised Code – Visit to read the full text of all 14 chapters regarding family law in Ohio. The title governs all aspects of family law such as marriage, divorce, and children. is a website that features the Ohio Revised Code and the Administrative Code.

Ohio Domestic Violence Network– Visit the webpage for the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, a comprehensive network for domestic violence. The site features information for domestic violence survivors, prevention, and training tools.

Ohio Family Law Information CenterLawyer Legion provides resources for consumers and lawyers for the practice of family law, divorce, and matrimonial law across Ohio. Find attorneys, law firms, board certified specialists, recognized leaders, legal associations and other resources.

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What Our Clients Say

Read this 5-star Google review below regarding a complex child custody case in Columbus OH

I have a complex custody case, and had no idea where to start. I started researching family law attorneys in Columbus and found Joslyn Law Firm. I spoke with Ashley Dollins and after listening to my entire story she gave me very good advice on what I need to do. She was so kind and patient and I am very grateful she is the first person I spoke with regarding getting to see my daughter again. It is clear she is very knowledgeable regarding family law cases, especially a highly complicated case as mine.

By: Matthew Neiman
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September 22, 2021
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