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Divorce is no doubt one of the most difficult experiences a person can experience in a lifetime. Financial matters can be anxiety-driving and short- to long-term emotional challenges continue to be two of the top concerns for many during the divorce process. When there are children involved, divorce disputes can become more significant. If any of these concerns are familiar to you, know that you are not alone. Instead, your worries and concerns are very normal. Regardless of where you are at in your journey with your spouse, know that you can still work through the entire divorce process and come out the other side prepared for your future. 

Having an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney and legal team on your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case and your ability to process difficult emotions. The Pickaway County family law and divorce lawyers at Joslyn Law Firm are ready to be the team you need to build a strong case and help you prepare for your future. Joslyn Law Firm is based in Columbus, Ohio, but our attorneys have represented clients in Pickaway County for over 10 years. Led by managing attorney Brian Joslyn, the legal team has a local reputation as a top divorce and family law firm. As recipients of numerous awards over the years, Joslyn Law Firm was nationally recognized by American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys for Client Satisfaction. As a recipient of Best Attorney by Rue Ratings, Brian Joslyn is well-known for his trial advocacy skills and courtroom representation. When you work with Joslyn Law Firm, you will have the assurance that your needs will be addressed by highly skilled and reputable family law and divorce attorneys. 

For a free consultation and review of your divorce case, please call our office at (614) 420-2424 or contact us online.

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Residency Requirements For Divorce In Pickaway County

Before you can file for divorce, it is essential to know whether you meet the residential requirements for Pickaway County. Either you or your spouse must meet both state and county residency requirements. 

First, you or your spouse must be a resident of Ohio for at least six months prior to the filing date. Second, the spouse who files a petition, known as the “petitioner” or “plaintiff,” must be a resident of Pickaway County. To be a resident, the petitioner must live within the county for at least 90 days prior to filing any divorce documents. The non-filing party, often called the “respondent” or “defendant,” does not need to meet the county residential requirement. For example, suppose you and your spouse shared a home in Delaware, Ohio. If you move out of the home to a residence in Pickaway County, you need to live in that residence for at least 90 days. If you do not want to wait 90 days, you can still file in Delaware County. 

Residency requirements usually do not present difficulties for either spouse, as both often live in Ohio and the same county. Confusion can arise, however, when a spouse moves out of state or to a different county. Without knowing and understanding the laws, petitioners can accidentally file in the wrong county or even the wrong state. When this happens, there can be significant delays in the divorce process and additional costs to refile in another county.  An experienced divorce attorney at Joslyn Law Firm can help you navigate these requirements.

Hiring An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Near You In Pickaway County 

All Ohio domestic relations courts follow the same divorce laws, but each court has a unique set of local rules and procedures. Working with divorce attorneys who have experience with Pickaway County’s local rules and procedures can avoid delays and unnecessary frustration during a divorce proceeding. At Joslyn Law Firm, we understand that the judicial system can be confusing. Having represented many clients in Pickaway County, we have the knowledge and skills needed to help you work through the courts as efficiently as possible.   

What Can Family Law And Divorce Lawyers Do For Their Clients?

Because divorce can cause a whirlwind of emotions, it can be difficult for people to thoughtfully consider all options available to them. As a specialty area in the law, it is also common for people to not know the rights and opportunities provided to them under divorce law. Divorce lawyers can be your personal advocate, explain your options, and help you prepare for your future. The family law attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm understand that divorce is an extremely personal experience that requires advocacy tailored to your unique case. Even if you feel lost about where to start or where to go next, your divorce attorney can be the person you need to help you move on with your life. During a divorce, spouses often ask what happens to the family home, child custody & time spent with children, and what can be done about child support or spousal support. Ideally, you and your spouse can agree to a temporary arrangement, or your family law attorney can negotiate the issues. If these issues cannot be resolved, court intervention can result in temporary orders prior to the final divorce decree. Requests for temporary relief can give both spouses rules to follow while they wait for the divorce to end. If you believe you and your spouse will struggle to resolve issues in the short term, our attorneys are ready to help you get some peace of mind. We have the experience required to negotiate and argue on your behalf.

For some spouses, their disputes continue for months or years after their divorce. Divorce decrees outline all the decisions and rules to be followed, but ex-spouses who dislike their divorce decree or believe new circumstances require the decree to change can find themselves in mediation or court multiple times. With these kinds of “post-decree” matters, we have helped many clients on both sides of an issue. Perhaps you receive monthly spousal support payments and your ex-spouse wants to terminate them or lower the amount. On the other hand, perhaps your spouse was ordered to pay you spousal support in the divorce decree but has failed to do so. Because family law is what we do, Joslyn Law Firm has advocated for clients on both sides of this dispute. 

Just like a divorce proceeding, post-decree matters have the ability to significantly impact your future. Whether you want to modify your divorce decree or you have been served court documents for an upcoming hearing, a family law attorney can help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your case.

Where Are Court Hearings Held In Pickaway County? 

Ohio’s trial courts, called the Court of Common Pleas, are located in each of its 88 counties. Each court contains multiple divisions, one of which is the Domestic Relations Court. Family law matters, including divorce, are heard by a judicial officer in the domestic relations division.

If you live in Circleville or any other town in Pickaway County, your divorce proceeding is likely to be heard at the Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas. Divorce and dissolution proceedings typically occur in the Domestic Relations division. While most hearings are held in person, some hearings or conferences can still occur remotely.

The Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas is located at:

207 South Court St. 

Circleville, OH 43113

COVID-19 Precautions For Pickaway County

Ohio courts continue to monitor local COVID-19 rates and follow Governor DeWine’s Pandemic Guidelines. Each county has some flexibility to determine whether in-person hearings will be held and to establish precautions inside its courthouse. To learn more about Pickaway County’s social distancing and other COVID-19 precautions, please review the Court’s COVID-19 Procedural Order or contact your attorney. 

Effective May 1, 2020, Pickaway County’s Domestic Relations Court resumed in-person hearings and established its Pandemic Policy. It is possible that some hearings and conferences could be held remotely. Your attorney can provide you with details about the timing and locations throughout your divorce proceedings. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation With A Pickaway County Divorce Attorney 

Divorce is difficult, but the right family law lawyer can help you navigate the process more smoothly. Circleville and Pickaway County divorce attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm are ready to review your case, answer your questions, and help you feel confident about your future. To schedule your free consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer near you, call our office at (614) 420-2424 or contact us online.

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