Motion To Modify Spousal Support in Ohio

How To Modify Spousal Support in Ohio

Can spousal support be modified in Ohio? Unless there has been an explicit condition set in place during the first spousal support suit, a participating party member has the right to ask for a modification of spousal support in Ohio.

After a divorce, the court, after considering the circumstances of each party, could decree some sport of support. A party may be required to pay spousal support (alimony) and/or child support. With all of these factors involved, a former spouse could potentially be responsible for giving up a large portion of his or her income.

After spousal support has been granted by the Ohio Court of Common Pleas, the circumstances surrounding the lives of the party members may change. Life is not always a constant when handling a divorce case. For example, one ex-spouse may lose their job or may receive a pay raise since the first spousal support decree. If you would like to modify spousal support in Ohio due to retirement, job loss, request for higher support, or request for payment of a lower amount, a motion to modify spousal support must be filed with the Court to begin the process.

The state of Ohio has provisions in place for these unanticipated fluctuations. Unless there is an explicit condition in place from the first spousal support suit, a participant has the right to ask for a modification of spousal support in Ohio.

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How Spousal Support is Modified in Ohio

Depending on how long the judge deems the alimony payment period to be appropriate, an individual’s circumstances may change during the alimony payment period. The paying party may not have the funds or may receive a raise after the first decree for support. Such a shift in circumstances could call for the case to be reevaluated by the court and a motion to modify spousal support in Ohio to be brought forward.

These changes can only affect the alimony payments if the party requesting the modification proves a change in circumstance that is substantial and makes the existing spousal support ultimately unreasonable. In addition, the changes in circumstance must not have been, at the time of the initial awarding, taken into account by the parties or the court.

If one of the parties is found in contempt of court for failing to make alimony payments under an order, he or she will be required to pay any reasonable attorney fees for the adverse party.

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How To Modify Spousal Support in Ohio

Are you looking to modify spousal support payments? Maybe you want to lower your alimony payments or increase the amount that your former spouse pays to you. Maybe you’re just looking to simply renegotiate other items of spousal support. It is in your interest to contact a nearby divorce lawyer right away as they will be able to assist you in bringing forward a motion to modify spousal support to the Ohio court system.

Joslyn Law Firm has been practicing family law in the Columbus, Ohio region for years, representing clients who have received or been required to pay for a kind of spousal support.

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm know just how important these types of cases are to their clients and the lasting consequences that these cases can have for those involved. Do not let yourself succumb to an outcome without a fight. Get in contact with the attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm

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Additional Resources

Ohio Revised Code | 3105.18 – Visit the official online website of Ohio Laws and Rules, LAWriter. Here, you can learn all the specific rules and regulations pertaining to divorce and alimony in the state of Ohio, in addition to other domestic relation codes.

Ohio Alimony Calculator – Visit Alimony Calculator to see just what an average person may be paying in alimony under very general circumstances. Note that each specific divorce or marriage separation carries with it its own set of circumstances; see what may be considered in an alimony case in Ohio.

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The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm look at all the facts and circumstances and can help you move forward with your case and your life. Joslyn Law Firm has practiced law in the Columbus, Ohio area for years, and will take cases in any of these surrounding counties: Delaware County, Pickaway County, Madison County, Licking County, or Fairfield County. We also handle other family law cases including adoption in Columbus Ohio.

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This article was last updated on October 11, 2021.

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