Understanding the Signs of Domestic Violence

It can happen to anyone. You can be young or old. You can be a woman, man or a child. And, it can be in many different forms. It is also one of the most prevalent crimes that happen today. It is domestic violence and it can happen to anyone, anywhere.

As mentioned, domestic violence can take several different forms. In most cases, domestic violence will be physical abuse, where one partner abuses the other. However, domestic violence can also be in the manner of verbal abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and financial abuse, and other types.

You may know a friend or family member who is starting to act differently. You may have noticed bruises and scarring that wasn’t there before. Or, you may notice that the victim is behaving differently than before. These can be signs of a domestic abuse and violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse, you need to get help. In your community there are shelters and agencies that can offer help. You may need to go to the police for an order of protection and possibly legal action with a divorce attorney Columbus Ohio. But the most important thing is the safety of you and your children. Getting away from a dangerous situation should be your first priority.

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