Recognizing the Signs of Child Abuse

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We have all probably noticed something unusual about a child. It could be an unexplained bump or bruise. It could be a change in personality in a child. Or, it could even be not receiving medical attention when required. All of these scenarios are examples of children being the possible victim of child abuse or child neglect, which is a big problem today.

The problem of child abuse is wide spread and anyone can be a victim. Child abuse can occur in homes in poverty, and it can also occur in wealthy homes. Also, age is not a factor since child abuse can see victims at any age, from babies to teenagers. One of the important things to realize is to spot the possible victims and get help.

On a yearly basis, over 6 million children are victims of child abuse. Many cases that are reported involve more than one child in a home. In addition to the physical abuse that children suffer, they can also suffer mental abuse advised a child custody lawyer in Columbus.

Recognition of the potential problems that occur when a child suffers abuse is very important. If you think you identify one or several symptoms of abuse, you should contact the appropriate agencies and an experienced divorce attorney or guardianship lawyer for guidance and further investigation. Early intervention of potential problems can be important in preventing serious injuries. To learn more about child abuse and neglect, we have included some additional information.

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